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Originally Posted by wlee1017 View Post
you tried hooking the servos to a different rx and they are good. How about you hook up servo to original rx directly, are they working?

I will check if aile plug from CX-3X1000 any lose wires or bad contact. 3X1000 get power from aile plug connected to rx. ( I assume your original rx is working with all servos hooked up directly). I will also use multimeter and see if you get voltage from CH1 ~ 4 on 3X1000, take measurement from middle pin and bottom of ch1 ~ 4.

If you don't get voltage for CH1 ~ CH4, but you do get voltage from rx ail ch output, I will open the case 3X1000 and look for any lose connection or bad soldering. On the other side, if you get voltage from CH1 ~ 4 but servos do not work when hook up, it's something wrong on 3X1000.
OMG!!! im done with this thing! it roasted my ds420 tail servo which was the cause of the crash so i replaced it with a different servo and got it working again then had to adjust the travel and gain on the new tail servo and all of a sudden my swash tilts extremely to the left and all inputs stop working again!! now it fried one of my cyclic servos Hitec hs5055 ....FFS what the heck is causing this thing to burn up servos? i double checked the servo type and i had it set correct...worst bunch of crap i have ever had happen to servos...
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