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Originally Posted by scottdearinger View Post
I will absolutely add a carbon arrow shaft to stiffen my boom and will try to do most of the incidence angle change that way- at least that's my plan- i love the carbon spar i added to my old Radian after a crash- response became much crisper and immediate after the spar was added
The Radian pro has a distance of just about 26 inches from CG to the elevator hinges.

Is it logical to assume that the Radian is very close to that ?

I understand and believe that the horizontal tail determines the angle of attack of the main wings.

If the elevator remains in line with the stab and the fuselage bends behind the wings (up or down) that amount would have to be nearly 1/2" for a one degree change. The calculated value is 0.454".

Now if the fuselage is reinforced to prevent it from bending the result is reported as the "response became much crisper and immediate after the spar was added"

I want to believe that but I also try to figure and compare the effect of up to 30 or even 40 degrees of elevator rotation on the rate of pitch atitude changes.

I consider that having a "much crisper and immediate" is a rate at which the action is taking place.

A very fascinating subject well worth evaluating.

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