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I got my Mig over a week ago but have been busy and my 13 year old son and flying buddy was out of town. He got home today and we went out back to fly. Bound her to the Dx7s and all controls were good. We fly on grass so I pulled the gear for a belly land. Throttled her up 3/4 and gave it a toss. The little booger took off streight as an arow!!! Got her up and every control surface was perfect, not 1 click on any trim. This thing is a blast!!!!!! It will glide forever for a very long landing approach. Was testing the glide limits and doesn't turn on a dead stick glide. I was flying over 3 feet of grass so I didn't worry about hitting the ground. Gliding in nice an level and tried a little ail turn and it dropped like a rock. No harm because I was 10 feet off the ground over 3 feet of grass. I'm sure most of you knew this but I wanted to save maybe 1 UMX mig for someone who may not know and may not be over such a soft ground. First impression, I love this little plane!
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