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I didn't get any responses to my question on tailbooms. I can remove the Kevlar from the tailboom without costing appreciably in stiffness, and of course that will take weight out of the back - probably about a gram. One could then probably lose a couple grams up front with the same balance. The cost is that the tailboom would no longer be as stiff or strong in the hoop direction, so a little strength would be lost, mostly in the vertical direction. If it broke, it would shatter like most tailbooms rather than crack.

What do you think of the tradeoffs? Which would you rather have?


I had a balloon fail on me tonight. Thankfully it failed before I walked away. But I had to pull the mold apart, reset the fabric, add back some epoxy, and do it over. I'm interested in seeing how this one comes out - whether the surface defects are larger and/or more numerous, and what happens to the weight. I'm running the pressure higher and longer with the mold not fully closed to evacuate more epoxy to compensate.

Hopefully this won't be a second, but it probably will be. Hopefully it will be at least a second, rather than a trashcan sample.

In the past with bladders I've been able to recover, by (1) ignoring it since the leaks tend to be quite small and self-seal as the epoxy gels (2) if bad enough, insert a new bladder inside the old one from the back, or pull the old one out the back and insert a new one.

Balloons fail worse than bladders when they fail.

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