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Originally Posted by eckace1 View Post
I hope eyeballing it will get us close as we don't have a meter to check the angles.
The other day we were looking at our radians and you could see that they were way off.
One thing I was wondering about was how much do you reduce the throw after you have done the incidence mod from the stock set up?
An easy way to visualize the incidence angles is to put the fuselage on its side and lay a yard stick over the wing cutout on the line between the front of the leading edge and the tip of the trailing edge, then compare that to the horizontal stabilizer slot.

I don't feel there is any need to change the throws. I am guessing you are asking because of comments that the mod makes the plane more sensitive in pitch. That means the pitch attitude is more responsive to changes in lift caused by thermals, not that it it more sensitive to control inputs. I fly with the same dual rates I used before the mod, usually on the low rate setting.
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