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Been pottering away with the top wings on and off over the last few days, these were framed up as normal, but care needs to be taken with a few things, there are a lot of different ribs in it's make up, and not many are the same. the servos mount inside the ply R15 ribs, and the rib needs to be drilled for servo retaining screws before it is fitted, and be sure that you will be able to get the servos in place once the wing is framed up. i will be making the servo arm covers removable so that i can take the servos out if the need ever arises ( i am a HD fitter by trade and servicability is always on my mind ). the last thing to be watched out for on assembly is that the forward interplane strut mount is orientated the right way, there is only about 1mm difference if it goes in the wrong way but this may be enough to put a slight twist in the outer wing panels when she is all buttoned together, just need to check them over the plan to be sure, i'm sure Pete made them this way for a reason.
with the basic wing framed up the root rib was glued in after setting the outer end up over a 3/4 block to set the diheadral, and the outer 3 ribs were glued in, these have to be made up in situ, and shaped with the tip taper.
i put a reference line around the wing tip and duct tape over R19 and sanded the tip and outer ribs to my desired shape, using my refernence line and tape as sanding limits, and to help keep the profile. i did this with the ailerons still attached so as to accurately carry the taper along the whole tip chord. once done the ailerons will be seperated and the rest of the shaping will be done.
almost lost my top wing to our inquisitive greyhound Coco, caught her just as she picked it up from my building board, luckily no damage done
my motor arrived today from HK, so now once i have finished with the wings i can get the fuse shaping finished off and join the halves, but it's nearly time to head back up to work.

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