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Originally Posted by brathanke View Post
Using even 5 min epoxy on that joiner is a good idea though. It gives you time to work and get it perfect where even without kicker sometimes a bit of CA can set before you get a chance to get the pieces situated. I have noticed that on balsa especially it likes to set up really quick. Often within seconds of applying it. Thin CA after the joiners are put together makes sense though.
Another reason I suggest using epoxy. Gives you time to adjust and shim if need be. Once set a little blue painters tape and let it sit for a while. CA does make sense though.

Originally Posted by turnerm View Post
I was shocked at how quickly it set. I had the second half at about a 20 degree angle and it had already cured.

I'm not sure if heat or moving air affects it but I was working in my garage with a large fan blowing on me so maybe the air from the fan really made it set quickly?
I cna't remember which build it was, but one of them I was putting the rudder servo horn in and had put CA on both sides of the horn, went to insert it and it got about 1/2 way in before it cured. I was like OH NO!! generous doese of debonder and brute force and it came back out ... about 45 minutes later. Lesson learned, insert, adjust, apply thin CA.
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