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Initial Strega settings

The settings I flew the Strega first time, may be subject to some changes after more testing. But they seemed very OK, but may be adjusted:

Ailerons - 12mm up, 6mm down highrate, 10mm up, 5mm down in lowrate

Flaps with aileron - 6mm up, 3mm down in highrate, 4mm up, 2mm down lowrate.

Ailerons measured at tip, flaps measured at root.

Elevator - 10mm up, 7mm down highrate for landing, 8mm up, 5,5mm down normal flight

Butterfly settings for landing - ailerons 8mm up, flaps as much as possible, I have 72mm, elevator 6mm down at full butterfly, adjusted on a nearly linear curve. With this the plane comes down in a nice angle, an no whopping up or down when applying the butterfly.

Snapflap 7mm at root at flaps at maximum, ailerons flushed to align flaps.
The mix have been set to turn knob on the radio, so the throw of the snap flap can be adjusted in air, I settled down at appox. 5mm down at full elevator, mixed with a curve, where the snapflap sets in at 1/3 stick movement at the elevator, and then the snapflap comes in a rather steep curve, giving much from thereon.

Aileron to rudder mix was set to 0,5mm, also assigned to a turn knob on the radio, so it may be adjusted to my liking, just a tad movement of the rudder make the model making the turns much nicer, too much not so good.

Flight phases, speed, normal and thermal.

Speed - 0,5mm up at aileron at tip, 1,5mm up at root or aligned with the aileron
Thermal - 4mm down at flaps, aileron aligned with flap , 1,5mm down compensation for elevator.

Centre of gravity at 110mm, needed 89 grams of lead in nose.
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