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Originally Posted by Balr14 View Post
The market emphasis is on flybarless helis and there isn't much incentive to produce larger FP helis, other than specialty models. Flybarless helis have a lot fewer moving parts and the difference between FP and CP models is basically one more servo and some electronic mixing. So, why bother with FP models? Other than the 45 flybar models being marketed by a number of the toy makers, your choices in conventional flybar FP helis are the ESky HBFP, The Walkera UFlyS, the Falcon 40 (rebadged Walkera 4#) and the Multiplex Funcopter. There are significant disadvantages to all of these.

The Multiplex Funcopter is quite expensive. With everything you need to fly, it will cost you at least $500. It's also very large, so you will need LOTS of space. The other 3 are all Hiller head models that are quite difficult to fly and are quite dated. Depending on where you live, parts could be a huge issue. There is a significant aftermarket for the HBFP, but aftermarket costs are expensive. There's very limited upgrades available for the Walkera based models.

The only practical flybarless FP helis are the Walkera Super FP and the Blade MSRx. They are both micros that are quite durable. But, they are quite small for outdoors. Walkera makes 4 larger flybarless FP helis, all in the $200 or higher range and all have durability issues.

Any of those flybarless FP helis mentioned would be quite a learning experience from any 45 flybar heli. There isn't a real good heli that serves as a transition from this type of heli to conventional and flybarless models that are not stabilized at all. It's a market segment that has been largely ignored. IMO, the best thing you can buy to help you make this transition is a quad.
I second that, but be warned, quads are just as addictive...
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