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He did a lot of mods for not running it! It does look clean inside and that's where it would show if it had seen water.
While you're showing off the transom, that does remind me of something so I'd better post it now while I'm thinking of it.
Replace the bottom bolt holding the rudder in place on the bracket with a nylon nut and bolt. These boats were notorious for breaking rudders off because there is no shear pin in case you hit something. Break the top bolt just free enough to where the rudder will swivel upwards in case of a hit. It might need a little grinding or filing to make sure that it will swing up. Getting a replacement rudder may be hard to do now that the boat is out of production as they had enough trouble keeping them in stock when there were on the market.
Yes, keep that cable greased. Some go crazy with it but usually after a day of running is fine. It keeps the rust away and is ready to its next time out.

OK, one more thing for now. The turn fins are incorrectly mounted from the factory as they should be 90 degrees to the bottom of the hull, not tilted in like they are. My guess is that they did it so that it would fit in the box better. Why they just didn't leave them off and let the owner install them the right way is beyond me.
To give you an idea of what I'm typing about, here's a transom shot of my Rampage as an example but it only has the right turn fin.
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