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It has been a while since I have flown my EPP FPV and read this thread. Good to see its still going. I did fly my EPP FPV yesterday twice. It's a year and a half old with about 50 FPV flights. Still going strong. The comments about it not being a very good trainer are true in my opinion as well. It does fly very goofy even with thrust angle tweaks, mixing, and stabilization from Eagle Tree. I may stiffen the tail up if I can by adding carbon under the motor area into the boom area. It's feels like it may flex a lot in flight. I will also put a camera facing aft on one side so I can see how bad it flexes. I have the G meter as well on my Eagle Tree setup. On a typical FPV flight I only pull about 1.6 G's. When I land (I have landing gear added) only 2.3 G's are experienced. I go easy in the plane and even though it doesn't fly real good, she hauls a ton of stuff. I fly with a full Eagle Tree setup, go pro, separate FPV camera, landing gear, a 6500 mah hard case battery, 800 mah battery, and a video transmitter. All this gear (not the 6500 battery) was hard on my Easy Star.

I have been close to ordering the Sky Surfer 1.5 to replace the EPP FPV. It's hard to put up the EPP FPV though. She has been good to me.

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Those of you reading this thread thinking about getting one of these birds for FPV must take the following into consideration.

1. This is not a good first RC aircraft or trainer as it requires mixing and exhibits odd flight characteristics.

2. The build is not as straight forward as it looks and has design flaws.

3. Just because it's made of EPP doesn't make it indestructable, if you go in hard she will break up like any other bird. This EPP creation tolerates hard landings, minor crashes, hangar rash, but not much more.

I'm seeing more and more people on these forums watching a few fpv vids on youtube and deciding the next day to buy a whole setup with an EPPFPV as the ship cos it kinda looks simple enough. Sure, you can do it, but it will cost you and it has cost others, already seen it.

Don't get me wrong, shes a great bird when set up correctly, but without my 15 or so years experience and past mistakes adding to it, I would've crashed and burned by now for sure.

Get an easystar and learn to fly it first without fpv gear and when you can fly it to yourself and catch it every time, you're about ready me thinks!
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