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Originally Posted by Phalanx-0 View Post
I can't believe you guys.
You don't realize that analog servos can't be driven at a high refresh rate. It's all over these forums.
Gee, I wonder why my servo buzzes and smells like it's burning up.
I guess what I'm getting to is that, you are blaming KK for YOUR problems.
The board is solid.
By starting this thread you make it sound like the new board has serious problems.
Far from it.
From what I read here it is user error.
Cheap servos and / or the wrong configuration for digital servos.
You can't compare your experience with the HK KK board with it's analog gyros with the new V2.
Analog servos work with the analog gyros.
Guess what, you have a new situation with digital gyros.
I would guess that digital servos would be REQUIRED with digital gyros, wouldn't you?
You might want to have a better read of the thread. Most of the posts here are referring to digital servos being used.
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