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Originally Posted by balsa or carbon View Post
The DTD is not high wing and has no dihedral so it is not self righting , but if you keep it light it should be able to fly slow enough to keep under control . Start with the CG slightly forward , and move it back ( a LITTLE at a time ) if needed .
I would suggest low rates to begin with , and if possible have someone experienced trim it for you on that first flight ( start with both elevons SLIGHTLY up , with the right elevon SLIGHTLY higher than the left elevon ) .
There is no rudder , so it's " bank and yank " . To make a turn you initiate a bank with ailerons , then yank on the elevator to complete the turn .
If you have already built the paper airplane airframe , try that one first - it will be easier to fly than the DTD , especially if you put some dihedral in the wings .
Okay thank you. What would you say is good for low rates? Oh and the paper airplane one...well i didn't put any dihedral into it. I didn't know how to keep it up.... But if you tell me how to add dihedral, i can redo it. Also, are you sure that this power system is enough for the paper airplane? Its the one i was going to use for the DTD:

Dynam Combo that you linked me to

11.1v 800mah 20c lipo

8x6 slo fly prop
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