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Originally Posted by rkhoo View Post
I meant to say Throttle on the left -stick

So, Paul use it like a flaperon meaning he use it as aileron as well, humm.

My thinking is, I like the radian as a Rudder plane stil. I would only use the flaps as flaps as well as camber changes. Thus my radio set-up question.

I had the same question in my mind while watching that video. Here is what I think he is doing, but this is only a guess...He is using the flaps not only for spot landings but to get some camber and reflex as well. They are also functioning as ailerons, moving in opposite directions and giving roll control. I am guessing he has the rudder still on the right stick, and the ailerons are slaved to that with a mix. That would be the opposite of the usual setup, where the right stick controls the ailerons and the rudder is added in as a mix.
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