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Originally Posted by jeepdude View Post
Thanks Storm. They keep moving, so I'm guessing they are going south. Time for more parts. Now that I have a handle on the 911 ( love that thing), 9116, and the mjx45, what is next?
Yeah, mine jitter to at rest, but they've been like that for months, so I wouldn't worry too much, my motto is 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I reckon you have plenty of time before they fail completely and will need replacing, but it would be prudent to get some new ones in over the next couple of weeks, just in case they do decide to go sooner than you expected.

When you replace them, which is very easy, just make sure you take notice of which way the plug goes on and where, as they can be put on in reverse. If in doubt, take a photo, before removing the plug, then make sure it goes on exactly the same way (with the metal tabs facing the middle of the pcb) the elevator plug goes on the inside and the aileron plug on the outside, noth plugs face the same direction.
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