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Guardian 2D/3D Gain

OK I finally hooked up Guardian to an 8 Ch. receiver bound to one of my Ace MicroPro800 Transmitters so that I could learn how the remote gain works.

Ace MP8K is a bit strange as it does not have EPA or Reverse per say but uses 1.10ms / 1.50ms / 1.90ms as normal ( full ,100%) servo range 1.50ms being centered /netural.

With Guardians Pots turned full C.W. and Remote gain disconnected ( 40% default) the Guardian has to be turned up on its' edge(rotated) 90 degrees to get full servo defelction ( correction) in 3D mode.

With Remote Gain connected and 1.10ms input there is no responce (corrections) from the Guardian. It is same as if it were set to off or not even connected at all.

With remote gain set at 1.50 ms the Guardian provides max. servo deflections(corrections) when rotated 45 degrees or roughly twice as sensitive as the default ( no gain connected).

From 1.50ms to 1.90 ms supplied pulse there is no change ,that is 1.50 ms will provide enogh gain to enable Guard to move servo full travel one direction when Guardiad is tilted to a 45 degree angle from level.

Now the tricky part. If remote gain is greater than 1.50 ms Guradian does not seem to respond any faster even if you increase gain to 1.90 ms with guardian starting level however if gain is set at 150 ms then raised to 45 degree angle where full servo deflections is obtained and then yo start to lower Guardian to say a 22 degree angle and then increase the gain to 1.90 ms the Guardian will cause the servo to regain part of the correction it gave up during the lowering from 45 to 22 degrees.

If anyone understands this I will really be surprised. Everyone really needs to do as I have done and use an extra receiver,battery and Guardian out of the aircraft so that there are no dangers of binds linkages/ control surfaces etc. and just play with it.

I intend to leave this test setup connected for a while so I can perhaps answer questions as the come up.

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