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Wk-h question, throttle

Been using the DJI multi stuff and now trying the helicopter version and am lost.. Electric 600
Latest software
I cannot get the throttle to work properly.. If I get up to hover in manual mode then I am ok switching over to atti and the throttle just seems to be wherever it was until landing and then won't shut off without switching back to manual.??? In atti mode it will not start... Ever. From start

I suspect I am not performing the setup (governor) properly... It seems mislabeled ?? Cut off and idle up??? These seem to be fuel engine terms?? And make no sense, I get the error if I put in positions that make sense to me....

Other issue is :
Always wants to go left and forward and I have to hold quite a bit of corrective stick ... The swash plate is "level" but this doesn't allow for offset for tail thrust which all helis have... Does level not mean level???

Sorry to be such a dummy been flying 30 years but I am confused and reading the manual doesn't help.

Any help appreciated..
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