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Originally Posted by nicnaimless View Post
This is very interesting. I think we have a language issue in the manual. You can hang a lipo off one arm of a tuned WKM craft and it will hold position the same as if the craft was balanced perfectly. All this without changing the X Y or Z values. The GPS and Compass are not concern about the center of gravity but concernd with the center of the craft. GPS and compass are measured the same as IMU. I think this language problem in the WKM manual has caused A LOT of headaches. Once WKM knows the center of the craft it's good to go. I've never adjusted these from initial setup and I swap out little point and shoot cameras all the way up to Pro cameras over 4 lbs. It flies the same. Of course I adjust gains but IMU just wants to know where the center is not where the weight is.

Hmmmm.... I think DJI wrote CoG when the IMU is mostly concerned with CoC.
Refer to pages 11,12 and 13 of the Manual 2.9. Everything refers to the C of G, its makes sense....If you have never compensated for Cg (large) changes I would suggest that you have been very lucky. The M will compensate for small changes.

I always try to get my Cg at aircraft centre (X and Y), this makes life easy when taking measurements, the only problem comes with estimating the Z value...this is the one that in most affected by increasing battery weight/adding gimbals and cameras.

The IMU and GPS want/need to know where the copter Cg is, NOT the CoC. Cheers
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