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I flew it myself, I flew it myself, I flew it and it came home in 100% condition. Yes.

I have the 8s stock setup, not the fastest but fast enough for me. Took off in 300 feet with little up elevator, 15 degrees of flap, no trim needed. Flew on on rails, nothing fancy. Flaps off and on, no adverse pitch, but I programmed a 2 second slow down. Landed with 15 degrees of flaps.

I slowed it down on final like a trainer, started the flare two feet above the runway and it floated 200 feet then full up elevator for the final stall. The elevator was really ineffective at that slow speed, the plane touched down level and skipped about 2 inches above, I pushed full down elevator and planted it on the wheels. However it still had enough speed to run off the end of the runway into the soft dirt. No damage...perfect.

There is lots of humor to post, but I will do it later. I was all smiles, I knew that I was going to love this plane.
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