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Hey, Mac... nice!

Yeah I made my wings struts "break away" as well... I chose a material (styrene) with alot of flex so they'd just pop out of their attachment points (just slid under some tape) and also, like Mike said, so they wouldn't puncture right through the wing in certain types of crashes (I also reinforced the wing surfaces with little blocks of tape where the strut ends rest against the wing (the ends are also bent at an angle that that lets them sit flush... again, so there's nothing that will jab the wing surface in a crash). They do pop out all the time in harder crashes and I haven't sustained any damage at all due to them.

My tail braces, however, are meant to be functional so I used very thin CF (for a scale look) rod and they are CA'd on. I did have one pop off the other day when I put it eye level into a spruce tree trying to navigate it into my back yard from the field out back... both attachment points took some paint and foam with them, but I glued it back and you wouldn't even know (the paint was the weak point on the break at one of the rod ends, I should have removed a bit in the attachment points and glued directly to the foam but, then again, it was a small chunk of foam that ripped out with the other rod end). So, yeah, don't glue any part of your strut assembly to the wing or body or you're probably looking at torn chunks of foam in even the lightest crashes if they catch on something.

... speaking from experience (I think you said you haven't flown it yet)
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