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Originally Posted by fastphil_v View Post
Nice thread! What I like about it is that it also emphasizes that CP helis are not so scary. I bought a fleet of little FP helis thinking I needed to take small steps to fly the big, bad CPs, only to realize that I can tune the CP to do what I want and they have the control authority to fight some wind. I wish I had a few hundred bucks back that I spent on FPs and parts that are now collecting dust on my shelf! Exept for the quad mQX, I only fly CP now and believe that most beginners could and should make the leap to CP sooner. Not interested in 3D? No worries! But you can still fly a "real" heli and have fun. Phil
+1. However, I think the biggest advances have been in the gyros. After having one coaxial and doing a TON of reading, I found the Genius CP with it's 6-axis gyro. With appropriate configuration, it could be made to fly like a FP, so I bought one and set about configuring it up as such. I found it to be a perfect entry point into CP helis. I too was scared of the big, bad CPs, but after the first take-off, I thought this isn't so bad.

I've since disabled the 6-axis and reconfigured my settings to what can be found in this thread, and my CP flies even better!

Now I've stepped up to a V120S and found that it's even easier to fly than the CP!

If you're thinking about taking the plunge into CPs, there are plenty of helis out there to make that jump a lot easier than you think.
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