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They dont sell the turnigys at HK anymore AFAIK, but yes that would imply that these particular TGY90S worked with the 2702V from reading the post on the utube vid. But I tend to not take everything I read on the internet as fact, especially the last 2 pages on this thread. LOL.

The TGY's dont specify analog or digital and at the time digitals were just starting to come up with the economy servos, so they are most likely analog. The 2702V's tail servo spec is 333hz (digital) Cyclic could be the same or slightly less, analogs are usually 70hz but.....the 2702v's outputs would have to be scoped out to know for sure.

Although some cheap digital servos are just analogs in drag, they will work at a high refresh rate but burn out eventually. Givien the time and the price @ 5.00 a pop it was probably worth a shot, the thing I didnt like with this mod (even though the servos were installed properly), was that frame had to be cut. Good eye in seeing that though, Walkera has always specified DIGITAL servo's only with the 2702V.
OK. Just out of curiousity I'll plan on experimenting with those analog servo's on cyclics.
BTW I just watched the Finless Bob video on pinning the tail boom on the TRex 450Pro. My Rex tail boom has occasionally been twisting about 10 deg off the vertical, so I know how to pin it now.
So far I have'nt had a problem with my V450, but I'll just do them both at the same time.

Thanks for the tip.
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