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Originally Posted by Magooch View Post
Are you sure it's thermal shutdown? The TurboAce actually seems to put less stress on esc and both run cooler than with stock motor. I have never had a heat issue with my setup. Sounds like a connection or solder issue. If the esc is getting that hot there maybe other causes for it. Possibly bad connection in esc creating heat, maybe the flips cause a disconnect. I was unable to watch vid, sound came through but no video. (iPad issue not link) Im just throwing some other ideas your way. Hope you sort it out!
Yeah, i'm not exactly sure whats causing the heating on the ESC. The servos definitely seem to be the cause because when i over use them is when it stops responding and just does it's own thing. In the video i attempted 2 flips consecutively and before i was inverted on the 2nd one i had already lost control of the heli. I've replaced all the servos a few times now and the only thing i can think is it's the tail servo. It is usually burning up after a flight too. If it's not hot, neither is the ESC. But it's using a brand new stock tail servo. My 3rd one. On top of a Fusonic that burned out in 5 flights.

I have sorted it out, hopefully. All new electronics. I have a hobbywing ESC installed waiting for my new Savox servos. Speaking of which. I managed to get a hold of Mr. Joel at ( really hrp distributing) He said my servos had to be back ordered from Utah, like i knew already. I asked him for an ETA and why i got charged sales tax. He gave me some ambiguous answer. He said they should arrive here at their ware house tomorrow, then ship out. Then when i asked for a specific ETA and he said something about the 17th-21st they should ship from Utah...... So they couldn't possibly be here at their warehouse tomorrow. Instead of blowing up at the guy i just hung up.... I'm ordering another set from club heli, Christ sakes. Anyone want to buy a set of Savox servos in 2-3 weeks when they arrive at my house??? Guess i'll be stuck with a spare set. Maybe i'll just build another 450 from parts. I'm just sick of waiting. If i still have issues like this after the new equipment, then i know its the RX or the motor.

Originally Posted by clearprop88 View Post
This brings up a really intertesting question.
I checked on the Tower Pro MG90's, and the Turnigy 90's, they're both analog servo's.
If the guy in the video is flying his V450 with analog servo's, and the 2702RX, then the 2702 should work with analog servo's.

I was under the impression that the 2702V did not like to operate with analog servos. Mostly because of wow hobbies listing for the 2702 and their warning. But i really have never tried.
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