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Originally Posted by jsarwar469 View Post
1 - Either run a Castle Creations CM36 9000kv 3s capable motor with regular gearing and run it on 3s (youtube has some videos people getting over 80mph easy on street cars and a t4 truck). I dont want to deal with heat and letting it cool down and stuff. I mean if a motor is 9000kv and it IS 3s capable pushing 80mph with stock gearing why will it over heat after a pass or two? I'm not pushing its limits or anything.

2 - Or get a Tacon 4074 (2000 - 2100kv) or a 4465 (2400 - 2600kv) 1/8th scale motor and gear it to the sky! both are 5s capable. (I still have to make sure these motors will fit in a rustler....i'm sure they will i'll b running a much smaller spur gear from another vehicle...some guy on youtube revealed the setup in his rustler and Im gonna try do same. kind of a how to video).

I'm also picking up some foam tires.

What you guys think?
You need to start looking at wattage requirements for the speeds you want, and not just high RPM's.

Just because a motor is rated to take the voltage of 3s, that only means it's ok when geared appropriately. Since that motor wasn't designed for your truck, the stock gearing means nothing to the motor voltage rating.

To get big speed, you need lots of watts, not just RPM at the wheels. From what I can find, that old CM36 9000kv motor was only meant for drag cars and the whole CM36 line has been discontinued and replaced by the 1406 motors.

Think of this analogy... a lotus elise is a fast car with 180hp, and the engine revs to almost 9000rpm. If you put that same engine in a full size pickup truck, it won't be nearly as fast because you'll need to gear it down a ton to not overheat or bog it down in the heavier vehicle.

If you're topping out in the 60mph range because of heat, putting a higher kv motor with the same wattage output isn't going to get you anywhere, you'll need a motor capable of more watts (watts = volts * amps) to get more speed and run cooler.
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