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Originally Posted by minchomexa View Post
thanks, i will try to open it up a little bit more so i can "inject" the glue inside the crack.

also, is there a way to straighten out the nose? i need to buy nose cones, but the part behind the propeller is "crunched" a little bit....some people talk about boiling water, soaking it and letting it dry? but i dont know.....

thanks for the tips!
i've done the same thing and "crunched in" the nose of my polecat also,.. i did the boiling water thing and it totaly helped to staighten it back,.. but a warning if you decide to do that lil' trick,. when i did it i believe i kept the nose in the hot water a lil' too long.what happened was that the nice "shine/finnish" went from very smooth,... to the particles of foam raisng into little bumps.if i had my time back i may have pured hot water from a kettle instead of submerging the nose in a pot,.or had been alot more cautious of how long of time the water was in contact with the foam.i use such things like foam cups to test certian clues ect... so if it melts no big deal,. maybe try a scap piece foam"block" and hit it so it does the same type of damage, then test it in hot water and see the results rather doing it for the first time on the plane it self.just a suggestion and somthing i should have done myself good luck
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