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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
There was a discussion somewhere as well as to whether the v bottom was necessary... the answer was that the v bottom was more for the comfort of the passengers in real planes. I asked about it here recently, nobody replied, unless I missed it.
I'm picking up Carbon Cub floats tomorrow and may or may not be able to try them immediately. If not then very soon.

No I didn't answer because except for one flight in a float plane I have no other RL experience. The float flight was AWESOME, the pilot was EXPERT!! This was in the Adirondacks and that's all he did was short local tours and transporting hunting/fishing trips. I've been on a *lotta* large passenger jet flights. This float landing was like landing on cotton candy. Could tell more by the sound than the feeling that we'd actually touched the water. Expert-expert pilot.

That v-bottom = passenger comfort makes sense. I -thought- it'd be for directionality, but very likely has little to do with it. Plane on water is totally subject to wind. All the ROW tutorials I see always say launch into wind, launch into wind. Period. Unlike ROG I'd half-bet that -trying- to launch at an angle to the wind is extremely difficult, closer to impossible. The v vs flat probably has no effect as far as steering goes.

The reason v-bottom for comfort makes sense over flat bottom is that the v 'gradually' cuts into the water and settles further into it. A flat bottom probably tends to 'slap' it more, even with an otherwise perfect landing.
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