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Mig-15 vs F-86 Sabre Dogfight!!

So today at my flying field one of the guys had the Sabre out. So I got out the mig and walked over and we organized a dogfight! As soon as people saw these two planes out everyone got quiet and waited for the main event. I could probably tell a 4 page story about the 2:30min flight but I'll just sum up.

Top speed is nearly identical. Mig might have 1-2mph advantage. Straight and level no one really pulled away.
Mig had a slight advantage in maneuverability. Turns were sharper and smoother and I easily carried more energy. The Sabre could do the full throttle to dance/flip maneuver which was interesting looking.
F-86 seemed to have the climb rate advantage. He figured this out early and every time I got behind him he pulled it vertical and I ran out of steam and couldn't follow.
Not part of the dogfight but the Mig handles MUCH better when slow than the F-86. His landing was about 2x as fast as mine simply because the low speed handling is not there on the Sabre.

Bottom line the planes were VERY evenly matched. Both are great planes, however I'm glad I got the Mig and I'd definitely choose that one again.
*edit: I forgot to mention both planes flying completely stock, gear removed, stock packs.

And the dogfight, of course I won
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