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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
I will have to do that later. But i just spooled up without the head on and everything is perfect, so if i already changed the fs , what could be wrong with the head? Could it just be bent? Is there something else to try before chenging the head
Have you checked the obvious, your blades? if they are off balance or not tracking properly. I don't know, just a suggestion. For me wobble always equated to play somewhere or having my gyro pot turned up too high. The usual places i would check was:

1. The shafts
2. The servos (slop / play in the gearing)
3. The blades
4. The ball links on the blade grips and swash plate. Make sure they are not stripped and wobbling around inside their hole.

Have you tried turning your aile/elev stabilization down a little bit? It could honestly just be as simple as that if everything mechanical is set proper.

I'm getting so sick of not flying my 450 i'm seriously about to rig it up to fly with half stripped stock servos and the stock ESC that keeps going thermal. I'm having a heli withdraw hard core over here. I can hardly enjoy the v120 size anymore. It's fun but.... My mainstay is the 4f200 right now. But i'm dieing to get the 450 back in the air.... COME THE HELL ON SAVOX!!! I can see it now... Here comes another thermal crash!
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