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Originally Posted by CN I Dawg View Post
From your description, it sounds like you also changed your power sub-system. In other words, you isoloated the VTx from the rest of the system. Keep in mind EMI comes in two basic flavors, radiated and conducted. With all the clocks, microprocessors and amplifiers in our systems, you would be surprised how many different frequencies you can end up with. Most are low enough amplitude as to not cause a problem but sometimes they can bite. If my assumption is correct you can use a common mode filter such as this one. If my assumption is not right, then, as you discovered, distance is your friend. On the 18"...I believe Sid uses RG316 for his Ant leads. 18" would attenuate about .3dB @ 1.3GHz. Range effect would be minimal.
I think you may be right. I've got so much in that plane now that the possibilities for problems are many. Took it out today for a 2.25 mile ground test and worked great. After my lockout the other day I'm reluctant to fly again with out more ground tests. Going to take it out tomorrow for a 6 mile ground test. On the pacific coast we have a great place to do that sort of thing. Place the plane on a hilltop on coast and drive down the coast highway with the transmitter and Fatshark goggles as far as you want, the coast curves in such a way you maintain line of sight for over 40 miles or so.
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