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Here's my initial findings of the board:

Firstly, I have said it many times and been flamed for it over in the other threads - there is no magical stabilisation system running in these things! There is simply a nice 3 axis gyro running in them(X,Y,Z)

It's using the Invensense ITG3205 3 axis gyro chip everyone else is using in everything (the IC on my board was manufactured in Dec 2010). It has an external clock for stability and it's being controlled by a standard controller/processor LPC1114/302. It is simply programmed as a master to receive the gyro inputs and mix them into the servo signals via IC method with the gains set to suit the model. The techheads in the multi rotor forum could really come in handy here!

The fact that the gyro is placed in standby mode until the throttle signal is raised shows that the processor can be programmed to turn the gyro off and on(standby) and since there are 6 channels on the board.... - you do the maths...

STBY_XG Put gyro X in standby mode (1=standby, 0=normal)
STBY_YG Put gyro Y in standby mode (1=standby, 0=normal)
STBY_ZG Put gyro Z in standby mode (1=standby, 0=normal)

If the processor loses it's connection with the gyro, the board will not function.

The voltage regulator is an LM29401 5.0 variable voltage regulator tied to 4.3V output.

The ESC FET's are 4606 FET's rated at max 30V and 6A.

Now, since I can't put the gyro into standby manually, I'll drop in a stripped down 6100 and CC Phoenix 10A and see how she flies without the AS3X in it.
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