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Originally Posted by kistner View Post
if your goal is insane speed with hot motors you might want to consider the castle mmp esc. it'll handle your 3s batteries and these high kv, low turn motors without breaking a sweat. sensored or un. and if something happens, castle has a real warranty.
Sort of took your advise and got myself a MMP esc....
But I remember reading somehwere in forums that MMP is only 65amp constant and a 100amp burst so I never really saw the point of buying one when 120 amp esc's are like half the price. but got one anyways only because i got lucky and got one used for a good price.

Now as far as the motor goes I'm thinking about a few setups...

1 - Either run a Castle Creations CM36 9000kv 3s capable motor with regular gearing and run it on 3s (youtube has some videos people getting over 80mph easy on street cars and a t4 truck). I dont want to deal with heat and letting it cool down and stuff. I mean if a motor is 9000kv and it IS 3s capable pushing 80mph with stock gearing why will it over heat after a pass or two? I'm not pushing its limits or anything.

2 - Or get a Tacon 4074 (2000 - 2100kv) or a 4465 (2400 - 2600kv) 1/8th scale motor and gear it to the sky! both are 5s capable. (I still have to make sure these motors will fit in a rustler....i'm sure they will i'll b running a much smaller spur gear from another vehicle...some guy on youtube revealed the setup in his rustler and Im gonna try do same. kind of a how to video).

I'm also picking up some foam tires.

What you guys think?
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