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It worked wow,i am not having a problem with this drum just saying you ain't gonna fix this in a flash other wise it actually works good and i like it but it scares me should something go wrong having traveled to an event.The string changes angle in diamiter and height as the winch spins so i put it on floating blocks so it determines the angle it wants automatically i glassed on the tab that the blocks are tied to and i've now made the blocks into a doubble by bolting them together ,the tubes are now straight so there's less friction there as well,adjusting the tension on the spring is also tricky because the tension drum is a fixed diamiter and the spiral changes constantly resulting in it having tight tension when trimmed in but slack when released so i had to include a ring externally and adjust the tension when it's out but making shure you have'nt bound up the spring when you're trimmed in,you just got to mess with it til you get it right and it's fine,it would be a piece of cake if it were external so be it.The next thing i have to do now is drill a hole through the deck so i can tighten the screw on the drum lol or wait for one from Aus.How i do that now is grab the screw with a pliers and spin the winch with the radio.These bloody blue boats i tell ya pace on.
The Tug is online now Find More Posts by The Tug
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