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Originally Posted by North_of_49 View Post
I like doing stuff like this.
Understood. I've seen everything you've posted and you get FULL PROPS for being a far better 'scaler' than I am. My only concern with any of this is that it 'works,' and everything else is secondary.

the step or the mounts. Also, I read somewhere the floats should be 75% of the length of the fuse from the prop to the rudder hinges?
I *THOUGHT* this reference was where I saw the 2/3 thing but it's not there AAMOF there is no specific % so I'm pretty sure the 3/4 is more correct. Well, a little more can never hurt except when it's adding wasted weight. This ref has step and angle info.

I also found this talking about GP float design/construction but there's some mounting tech info at page 12.

I decided I'm going to lap them on sandpaper over flat glass
Yep that sounds *far* more accurate and repeatable.

I was just given a half-destroyed Carbon Cub in the hope that it can be resurrected. Previously, wings had been torn off and repaired. This time only one wing is half torn (hanging on by the paint) but cowl is extremely deformed and fractured. So it's a tossup if I'll scale-up jings plans or get the solid foamies.

I'm mostly decided to use the e-flite floats because they're already the right size, scale, and with mounts. But I have a 'hollowing' question. I've mostly decided that for strength, accuracy, repeatably, and reassembly that the best way to cut the float is a vertical lengthwise cut. But... it takes a heck of a long knife blade to do that. I have a hot wire and could set up a jig to hold it to cut, but get only -one- chance to do it right. What are your plans?

Here's another design for a Champ float yo'd probably like it less because it's less scale looking. It's a flat bottom with a simpler design/fabrication. I guess it's a tossup how much the v-bottom helps with such a tiny airplane.
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