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I need to crash, bro... don't have time to soak all that in tonight but will look it over when I'm ready to do it. I like doing stuff like this. I've already considered alot of what you mentioned, in fact, I was going to ask in here soon if my reference when scaling down would be the step or the mounts. Also, I read somewhere the floats should be 75% of the length of the fuse from the prop to the rudder hinges? I'm not going to reduce the size by putting them on my bench mount belt sander like I did when I shaped my foam wheels... I decided I'm going to lap them on sandpaper over flat glass like I do to the mating surfaces of computer cpu's and their heat sinks... will have more control that way. Will use varying grades to get it down in size quickly then smooth them out.

The very first thing I planned to do was chop off the length from the front and the rear to match either jing's floats or the 75% rule... like I said, when doing that, I was first going to ask about that reference point and was guessing the answer would probably be the step.

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