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now you are talking

I also find it funny guys try to make your plane really fast and use nano tec second batteries that are rated for such a low c rate

i did lots of experimenting with aerodynamocs and batteries with fast planes

great like really nice good batteries that are 3 cell out perform 4 cell nano tec bats., nano just crap out with high watts while good bats. keep on going

it would be cool to see someone build one of your planes that is specifically built for speed as you explain

undestructable in the air, and supper aerodynamic

building planes that are designed to withstand a crash is just not in my books or many others

the idea is to keep a plane as light and areodynamic as possable and that makes it fastest

crash resistance is for guys that cant fly or need to learn to fly

the gopro is for aerial photograhy and nothing else
very detrimental to fast speeds as is obvious

I for one am not into makeing videos but fast planes, faster the better

but more important ones that fly well even at slow speeds because of aerodynamics

lol its not a joke because I laugh at how slow some guys build your planes to fly

some guys are literally pushing a brick through the air

one day someone will build a plane like yours that is desighned for high speed and high performance

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LOL, well when you start flying at spersonic speeds then I will make wipers for you and servo cowlings.

If you are wanting stronger spars then co CF, or solid CF , then go with heavier lam, its not hard!!

Even a little weave over the spars will be a good surface tension adder.

Its more about the entire build system rather then just adding stiffer spars.
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