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After fixing the small gap between hull and deck on the stern of my second MM, today I had the opportunity to test the repair. Wind conditions were poor, strong enough, but shifting constantly. It was so erratic that you could sail a few metres with the boat listing to port, then make a 180, and sail the same distance back with the boat again listing to port...

But despite some gusts where the nose was pushed into the water, the inside was dry, except for a few drops, that probably only fell in as I opened the hatch.

One problem solved, but another reared it's ugly head. Next to the mast are 2 rings screwed into the deck, for the side stays. But since my boat uses a carbon mast instead of an alu one, the side stays were dropped. So what happened today is that the wire going to the jib got caught around that ring on the deck, so the jib couldn't be reeled in, and since the main sail is on the same servo, this was also jammed. The first time it took me a while to realize why the sails were not working, and I had to manually free the wire. The second time it freed itself. If it happens more often, I might remove the ring, or modify it so no wire can get caught behind it.
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