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The Wenmac Mk 3's seem to have been the best of the Wenmac .049 lot. IMO, they were hard to start, tempermental and just couldn't compare to the Cox line. The Cutlass was way heavy and I was disappointed when my folks bought it for me-I was smart enough to see that a conventional front engine puller would probably be a better flyer. I think Wenmac made far fewer Cutlass's than the several other planes they offered.
Yep. Famous combat flyers like Howard Rush, designer of The Nemesis and John Jo, designer of The Super Voo Doo also flew with The Skyburners in the mid 70's. Toney Guest who was flying light fast Nemesis's pionered foamies.They were called Strikers, if memory serves. He originally was building Nemesis center sections and attaching the foam wings. He then realized he could build a balsa center rib then attach foam wings to the center rib lowering over all weight and time in construction. Toney also worked with Sheldon Hobbies in San Jose and Upton in modifing ST G21s. Lowering the exaust port awe,,,,what was it .011 inches, making a two piece head and using a phenolic retainer main bearing. He sent one to Garafoli, the Super Tigre manufacturer in Bologna, Italy and a few months later ST G21 Combat Specials appeared on the market-they were essentially a copy of Toney's engines with his formula for improved aluminum alloy. As I mentioned in my first post here, I was working for California Model Supply in Fullerton, Ca and Gene, the manager flew free flight and we had all the hot race engines, Webras, STs, Foxes, etc. We told the supplier we'd take every race engine he could get us and he sent us 25 ST Combat Specials. The store owner about had a cow but those ST Combat Specials sold in about 2 or 3 weeks. They would run about 10 or 12 MPH faster than the previous G21 35's.
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