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The differences between the UFO group and the UVA club explain why there's such a great UFO presence here and such a small UVA presence.

1. UFO is mostly young guys working in the electric arena flying ARFs who enjoy chatting about RC as much as actually doing it. UVA is mostly middle-aged and older gents building their own larger planes, flying a fuel & electric mix. Many of them are not computer literate, or at least don't have the mental programming to rely on digital communications.

2. UFO pilots fly at a number of locations that require coordination through the forums in order to get together. UVA flies at a single club location that requires no near real-time coordination. People just show up and fly.

3. UFO pilots need a forum to discuss club plans & issues because they have no physical residence to do so. UVA has both a club field for monthly club meetings, and during cold months meet at the rec center. 20+ guys show up at those meetings, where they discuss and resolve issues, have show & tells, do training, hand out prizes, etc.

4. There's an investment in the AMA club that keeps members coming for life because they feel part of something tangible. UFO has no investment, therefore people flow in and out of the group like water through an unstopped sink.

That said, the one thing that held the UFO club together like glue, regular combat, has lost most of its original participants except for the two big annual combat events. Finch, Darren, Jeff J, Myself, Diego, and most of the other original group except for Lee don't attend combat regularly because we're doing other RC related things that take us to different locations. Finch & LeMon are doing DLG almost exclusively, I'm doing FPV almost exclusively, Darren & Jeff mostly do scale stuff now, Diego is busy training the next generation.

The UFO don't have a club leadership like the AMA club, so there's not as much sense of responsibility to organize regular events. However, despite this, combat is so intriguing and visceral that it constantly draws new members and new pilots.

However, I think the UFO RCG forum has become more of a global place for Utah residents to interact and help each other out, both for combat and all other aspects. It's no longer focused on just combat like it was originally. And that's how it should be.

It would be great if the AMA club took advantage of this thread more. I think if there were more discussion among AMA members, other people in the state flying RC would get to know the AMA members and be drawn towards the club, especially the younger pilots.

Ultimately however, I think the best thing the AMA club could do is find a location more conducive to flying all sorts of aircraft. I'm not a big fan of the Saratoga location because any crash beyond the flight line is a totally lost aircraft. Once it's in the river or swamp beyond, there's really no option for recovery. I don't dare fly my big planes there. And there's no place to fly combat safely. I'd love to see a field where there's a nice paved flightline on one side of the lot, with desert or farmland beyond, and and a big grass flying field on the other side of the lot. Two flight lines separated by a nice parking would be the bomb. If it weren't too far away from the interstate and more central, that'd be the go-to place for all RC pilots in the valley. There's a big unused go-cart park right by the freeway in Pleasant Grove with farmland all around it that I thought might be a really great RC airfield. There'd be a LOT of work to tear down the trees & bushes that have grown up and prepare a clean runway, but it would be cool.
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