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Hi Pilots - too many "quotes" to post back on so I will try and answer all on this one post

Yes - Hi from New Zealand!!!!!

Yes it is designed for the slope. My frustration is not being able to fly at any "free moment" and only when the conditions were right, also being restricted to a certain area to fly from.

There are plenty of true thermal ships out there, my brother and others have some beautiful aircraft - but again limited to conditions and area to fly (or rather land). Many wings were pierced due to branches, hard landings. Also having to drag out a bungy cord 50meters!

We wanted to make a ship which was all round and that even being an experienced pilot, or a newbie - there was something which is simply "fun" to fly.

Landings are always an issue when we open ourselves up to an aircraft which is built to fly in any condition - so we had to make it strong. Gravel, rocky surface, trees, shrubs - it has all past the test. The most damage done was when a battery disconnected at high altitude and it nose dived into solid ground from 50feet! The fuse broke, but was able to be repaired - all else survived and was able to be flown again.

Good points about making it so pilots can upgrade this ship to an advanced level - but for now it will be a simple, fun 3 channel aircraft which is super strong. Again, just to make it simple, great looking and put the joy in flying round.

I will try and find the youtube clips of other people testing this. With this build I will show details for you guys, there are some simple, yet new construction methods used which are pretty cool.

Price wise we can never compete with China, as an example they quoted products machined and finished less than we can by the raw material - how do they do that??????? Just import tax here, then re shipping was an issue.

We will have to invest a good bit of cash to make up moulds and set up for mass production, the ones I will show you are all hand made and will not have the slick moulded finish we will achieve until we go to production.

Just think, a super strong, super slick fun aircraft which has an all round performance using advanced fabrication technology to offer you pilots one sexy ship!
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