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Some mods I did on my K8b:

-Made the tow mechanism in the nose block, so I don't have to open the cockpit and fiddle each time connecting the tow line;

-The cockpit is retained by one 2 mm wire on the top of the back plate .The wire is operated from the fuselage side, under the trailing edge of the left wing, just like we often do in our glass ships;

-The rudder retaining bolts can fall out easily when getting unscrewed, falling into the fuselage. Getting them out is a real pita. I took longer bolts with a one cm long plastic washer glued on. When getting unsrewed the bolt heads stick out of the fuselage and can easily be taken out;

-I made a sturdy tail wheel, the plastic former is cut up to cover the construction;

-I did put in a larger and much sturdier FEMA main wheel, the wheel size looks much more scale. This wheel fits without problems with only minor dremeling out some wood;

-For fastening the wings to the fuselage, only the middle black plastic bolt (under the front aluminium tube) is more than enough. With four stiff and long joiners the wing doesn't have any tendency to loosen itself;

-Instead of the fibre hinges I used strong plastic standard hinges with metal pins. I did take out the pins and used one long combined pin. This way I can easily loosen any rudder when needed;

- I made a wedge lifting up the front of the horizontal stabilizer 5mm. In combination with a CG of 140 mm my K8 flies beautifully. I am not ready with optimizing though;

-The vertical fuselage ribs between the wings and main wheel have been strengthened in order to better transfer the forces of an ocasional hard landing.
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