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Home made "Glitch Buster" circuit for the 4f200

Home made "Glitch Buster" circuit for the 4f200

Someone posted a video a little while ago of a 4f200 running custom equipment. One of the things installed was a "Glitch Buster" capacitor.

Here is what "Glitch Buster" claims their capacitor does:

This is the Glitch Buster Capacitor from Novak Electronics.

FEATURES: High capacity super low resistance capacitor helps to solve radio
problems from high-amp motor set-ups
Plugs directly into any open channel or battery slot in any standard
Stores power from the Battery Eliminator Circuitry (BEC) and acts as
a filter to eliminate noises generated by servos

So it allows for lower voltage drops to your RX basically, by picking up some of the slack and storing it for a short burst when the voltage drops.

I didn't want to pay the $10 for one of these so I went hunting around for some caps on my old electronics in the workshop. Alternatively you can go buy one for a dollar or two at Radio Shack. I found an old burned out power supply that i was going to fix eventually. Instead I robbed 2 capacitors off of it. My original plan was to use 2 of these in parallel but one of them was already bad! No wonder that computer wouldn't turn on anymore! lol. I decided to just use one for now. Originally these were going to be for my V450 but it's out of commission right now waiting for some new servos. Besides i want to have more capacitance with the v450 anyway. This little 3300 uF cap should be enough to hopefully prevent any brown outs on the 4f200. I have not had any brown outs with the Hobbywing Skywalker ESC though. Unlike the stock ESC! This is just an extra safety measure. Plus it might help keep power flowing to the motor better too since it will ease some strain caused by the servos current draw.

Here is some pictures and more info:
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