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Honest answer without my bias as a 9x user ?

They are different radios in many ways.

The DX6i is a staid old-hand that does the rounds that finally has had the upgrade that should have been done years ago - give it better freq hopping ability - so make sure IF you buy - its the DSMX version and not the DSM2.

The DX6i is limited to general sport models and does not have extended facilities as in the 7's and higher. It is designed a s a general sport radio.

It has back-up and service from dealers /distributors should it need fixing ...

On to the 9x ...

This is sophisticated radio despite it's budget pricing. It is capable of far more mixes and functions than many radios including others in the 7 ... 8ch range.

It has re-flashing / modification groups on internet thaty drive this radio into areas that literally no other radio goes ...

It has NO back-up or service dealership / distributorship ... but help can be had from various internet based groups.

Rx's can be parkflyer size or full ... with full range or park. Cheap and readily available from various online sources incl. Hobby King / Leaderhobby etc.

So the choice is : DX6i that you will likely need to replace with a more capable set later if you progress further than general sport machines or into helicopters. But a reputable brand and many people use it .. swear by it and you can get fixed or serviced.
9x that basically is so cheap that service support cannot be provided but is a very capable radio. It lends to 3rd ;party modules, telemetry and upgrades that make it extremely versatile.

I've tried to keep it as a straight compare ... but really they are in different worlds ... one a general sport radio - the other a serious mixing / extra function does most things radio.

My suggestion ? Get the 9x ... swap out the original Tx module for the FrSky JR compatible Tx module, get FrSky Rx's to match. You will then have one of the best freq control hopping systems available. Still with change in pocket instead of buying a DX6i.
If I was to buy a Spektrum - it would have to be the higher radios ... the 7 or 8. The 6 would be a let down after the 9x capabilities for me.

Honest answer ...

nb : Be careful of reviews online for the 9x ... check date of review. Many of them are for the older A / Vers 1 sets which were limited on freq control system. The B / Vers 2 system is the one to get ...
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