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Originally Posted by slothy89 View Post
Care to take a photo of your heli on a flat surface from the side view?

The skids should sit flat on the ground with the tail stabilizer just touching the ground. As you can see in the attached image, the skids are flat on the ground and the tip of the stabilizer is also on the ground.

Check your tail isn't bent?
Standby, man I hope the damn tail isn't bent.

Edit: The tail does not appear to be bent at all. If anything, maybe the base it slides into is just slightly off?!? The camera is dead and I have yet to try and post a pic on this forum...(Do you guys just use Photobucket and figure-out which link works?)

I set the heli flat on the shelf and slid the tail off the edge so it would sit flat on the skids. Then I took a straight edge and measured the distance from the top of the shelf/bottom of the straight edge to the bottom of the VS. (With calipers) It seems the tail is .210" or 5.56mm to long. *shrugs* I guess I could grind this down..I don't know, it would be awful close to the first hole just to get it all touching the ground at the same time.

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