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No mental picture comes into focus at all

I remember a TD-1, not a TD-4. The engines I had that equated to your first were various OK Cubs, most of the smaller ones being low powered and hard to keep running. My first (that I had some hope of getting into the air) was an Enterprise "Air Racer" kit, similar to a Scientific "log", but for an .099. My problem was the Cub 099 had less power than a Cox 049.

It would require a quarter lap to get airborn, then would sag, and sink to the ground, still running, after a couple of laps. If I set the needle richer, to avoid the lean condition and rapid overheating, it would never reach a taxi speed sufficient to fly.

I had that in 1951, then I had a Guillow's Trainer III, and THAT actually would fly.

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