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My first C/L airplane was a Wen Mac Cutlass..

I received it for Christmas in 1959 in Anaheim, Ca, USA. I think it had a Mk 2, .049 that was hard to start and would roll for 1/2 a lap and fly for 1/2 a lap. I then bought a Cox TD4. It flew well and gave me my first great C/L accomplishment-flying a tank full of fuel without crashing. In 1971, I bought a Cox PT 19 at Fed Mart for $6.00. Removing the huge rubber spinner, it's hub and replacing with a Babe Bee screw and washer and spinning a Top Flite 6/3 prop increased RPM significantly. Removing the windscreens, pilots and stickers, drilling another hole in the bell crank to increase elevator movement and with Sig 40% nitro fuel allowed large and smaller inside loops.
In 1975, flying a Voo Doo with a McCoy 40 blackhead at Sycamore High School in Anaheim, a 10 year old girl bicycled up and insisted I meet her father, Dale Kirn who lived nearby. Dale hipped me to the all time great and Nats winner Bart Klapinski who hipped me to Gahr<Sp? HS and The Skyburners Model Airplane Club. Toney Guest, Pete Vitale, Don Wise and 20 or 25 other great competitors flying fast combat at 125MPH with Super Tigres and Fox engines! WOW! I saw the elephant and, working at Ca Model Supply had access to all I needed. I was soon flying modified Voo Doos with ST G 21 combat specials and competing. I remember contests in 1975 where we had 20 or 25 contestants and 60 or 70 spectators watching fast combat. I now live east of San Bernardino and have a Brodak P40 with an OS 35 stunt. I haven't been chased off the local soccer field, and wonder. Does anyone else fly C/L in the San Bernardino area? Would love to meet and fly...
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