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Thanks Freddie B!
Yeah -- I thought I added an annotation about that V1 EDF -- that is what is left of it! lol -- It was dismantled due to lack of performance!lol

...So I did the maiden this morning and it was a complete success!!! Super stable, highly maneuverable, and a very wide speed envelope. The stall is pretty tame-- she just drops a wingtip and then the nose - no nasty spins or spirals. Recovery is pretty quick given enough altitude.

In flight behavior was stable but extremely responsive -- After the first toss, I had to dial down the throws because she was a bit too twitchy. I still need to lock in the correct throws - perhaps I will reference similarly sized foamy EDF's. The "twitchyness" was amplified by the fact that my thumbs were shaking the entire flight! Other than that - she behaved like an arrow -- went exactly where the nose was pointed - possibly due to the anhedral in the tail (???).

Launch: Uneventful -- didn't have to throw her nearly as hard as I thought I would. Gave her a firm toss at about 20deg and 60% throttle -- off she went -- no dip-- she was immediately on step.

Landing: This was a bit of a challenge! With flaps down, it took me 3 landing attempts to get her back to earth! The glide slope was so shallow that It took forever to get her down. I had to fly her down to the ground. Normally on my approach (with other planes), I hold the elavator, and use the throttle to control my descent....this plane would not land!

So I'm very happy with maiden performance. Trim was perfect -- all surfaces at 0 deflection - just need to lock in the control throws.

Got video of the maiden and will post once I have a chance to edit...

Here are a few stats from the completed model:
AUW: 34.4oz (w/ 2650mah 3S lipo)
ESC: 60A
LIPO: 2650mah 3S 30C
MOTOR/FAN: 3900KV/70mm
WS: 32.5" (approx)

Hawk - you should be fine with regard to weight!!! Those twins should supply more than enough power! I rarely went above 60% throttle on my maiden and performance was still excellent. Definitely move your CG back -- mine was about 4.75" behind the leading edge root (stock glider location).
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