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Build Log
4f200 & V200 - Upgrades, Repairs, Mods, build from parts

4f200 & V200D03 - Upgrades, Repairs, Mods, Complete parts build

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#1: Front belt drive, belt replacement & tail boom repair.

#2: Experimental motor - Turbo Ace 352 - Motor not so experimental anymore! I use it full time now.

#3: $10 Hobbywing Skywalker 20A Speed Controller

#4: Home made "Glitch Buster" circuit for the 4f200

#5: 4F200 Parts Build - The tail section

#6: 4F200 Parts Build - The Airframe

#7: 4F200 Parts Build - The Rotors

#8: 4F200 Parts Build - The Electronics & Misc Install

#9: 4F200 Blade grip upgrade! Fit standard 250 blades!

#10: Turnigy Battery Canidates arrrive for 4f200 testing

#11: Motor Upgrade! - Turbo Ace 342 - 3S 4200kv

#12: Canopy Durability Liner

#13: Custom Fit Trex 250 Skid Upgrade

#14: 4F200 - MKS DS470 Metal gear servo upgrade

#15: 4f200 - Castle Creations Phoenix 35 ESC upgrade!

#16: 4F200 - 2702V Gyro/RX Upgrade / Savox tail Upgrade

#17: CB180Z Tail Fins on the 4f200

#18: 4F200 - Ino-Lab D261HB tail servo install

#19: 4f200 Tail rocker screw upgrade to 2mm

#20: 4F200 tail conversion to V200D03, two blade tail. Assembly & modifications

#21: V200 - Dampening tail vibes i can't get rid of

#22: V200 - Tail vibe solved??

#23: 4F200 / V200 - Physical Installation of uBeast & SRX

#24: V200D03 CF Rudder Pushrod V2

#25: V200D03 Frame Build & Modifcation for MKS servos

#26: V200 upgraded with Master CP rotor head

#27: V200D03 with Hobbymate HB800 V2 gyro

#28: V200D03 / 4F200 CF Rudder Pushrod V3

#29: 4F200 / V200D03 Front skid & frame CF reinforcement

#30: Repairing frame and tail fin with scrap CF

Useful and informative External topic links:

Custom fit Trex 250 plastic blades on 4f200 grips.

Tail rotor blade options and colors

4f200 Battery tray mod by Razorblade

How to: Fix 4f200 tail Wag from worn tail drive gear

Repairing missing motor E-clip with steel wire.

4F200 Modification for Installation of EMAX ES08MD Servos (by razorblade)

Some mechanical Specs:
Main gear: 172T
Stock 4f200 motor pinion: 17T 0.3m
Stock motor: 3900kv (really around 6000kv)

I started a build log for my 4f200 to hopefully pass along some information, build a database of sorts and maybe help some people with this very awesome helicopter. The methods and opinions expressed here are my own. Links to other peoples project reserve their own methods and opinions as their own as well. These methods and opinions are to be used as a reference point only. Follow these instructions, methods, and opinions at your own risk. The authors of these works will not be liable for damages to you or your property. Please always take proper safety precautions and use proper safety equipment to protect yourself.

To start off i want to just say that if you own or are planning on buying one of these helicopters. In my opinion, it is absolutely mandatory that you upgrade the receiver (2612V) with a 2618V RX at the very least. There are better and more expensive receivers/gyros you can buy. But the 2618v is stable. It will hold the tail and fly very nice on this helicopter. Unlike the 2612V.

First I am going to cover a few repairs i recently had to do. As I crash and rebuild or modify this helicopter I will be posting new information here. As well as editing and updating existing posts. Check back for edits and updated info. Subscribe to this thread by clicking the link above to receive updates on new posts.

My fiber frame pieces were broken so i had to swap them out. Surprisingly i had at least 20 or more flights with the frame in this condition. Replacing the frame is quite a pain. The most important thing is keeping your screws organized. You might as well clean up and check for wear. Repair or lube things while your in there too. I happened to find a worn gear cap on my front tail drive gear. The only other issue i saw was some wear around the outside of the outrunner on the motor from when i crashed the frame rubbed the side because it was broken. I also had to rebuild the tail and replace the belt. More info on these repairs in the coming posts.
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