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I'm Back! and Quite Disappointed!

Well, the heli was flying fine with the new tail unit, up until yesterday.

Now the main motor is giving out!

It isn't exactly true about the Li-ion batteries - mine are still going strong -- taking
a full charge and holding it and I even tested them against another charger and
on another heli -- and they are still like new.

I cannot believe it -- I just bought this thing about a month ago and already had to
replace the Tail Motor and now I will have to replace the main motor!

I tried cleaning it (by the "Wash" methods I have read about) and that made it
work a little better( but for how long?)

I cleaned it by dunking it in water and running it from a AA battery. Then I dunked
it in an "alcohol bath" to get rid of excess water... then lubed it. The "wash" got a
bunch of carbon out of it and it flew good when I tested it out but I can tell a
difference in the "Lift" power and in the way it acts - similar to the way the tail
motor acted when it went...

Can someone help me with upgrading this to better motors?

If it is possible, even brushed motors would be ok as long as they are better
than the originals.

Someone mentioned the MJX F45-014 Main Motor -- can you please tell me if
this worked for you in yours?
Also, what Tail motor would be best...

If nothing else (and if it would be a better move) How can it be upgraded to "Brushless"
without upgrading to 4 channel?

I am quite new to all of this so any help would be appreciated

Please, I don't want to have to put this thing on a shelf and forget it... I want to
fly it but I don't want to have to replace parts every 8 to 12 flights.

There are no kind of marking on the motors that would indicate what kind
would work -- other than they are 370 brushed motors... but I don't really want
to buy original DH9104 motors any more because they are obviously made
very cheaply and don't hold up for long.

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