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noob here. The V4 is my second plane and should have been my first. I made the mistake of flying in too much wind the second time out and planted it hard nose first into the ground. I wrinkled the nose a little and ripped the inserts out of the foam where the wings attach. I installed magnets and plates where the wings connect and it feels rather solid. I took it out this evening and was able to get 30 minutes flying time with the 1300mAh battery. There were some wind at higher levels and i was able to shut down the motor and let her just hang there. It was awesome. What i have noticed about this plane:1 Tail heavy, i have the battery, BSC and Rx as far forward as possible, and i have still had to add weight to the nose to get it balanced at 71mm CG. 2nd issue, have to run full down trim to get it to fly level, even at 1/2 throttle. I adjusted the elevator so that it would be in the same position it was with full down trim while it neutral. I usually give it some up trim when hand launching, but with it reset, it nose dived twice. I set it back up to way it was, and it launched fine. Today i moved the control rod to the second from the end hole, and i still had to run it full down trim. im not sure if both problems are related, i think i will try a little more weight in the nose, or run a little larger battery. Other than that, its a great plane, fun to fly and very rugged.
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