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V1 durability mod gears.

V1 durability mod gears.

The prototype durability mod on the main gear worked out really well!! I was able to crash and fly and crash 6 times. Even after 6 crashes and having the main gear stripped in multiple places, some completely flat. The D05CS-Pro was still flying. The gear was noisy and i'm sure grinding more and more away with every rotation. But it flew STRONG in 3d even on my last flight before bringing it home to hit the bench! I decided to go ahead and also snug the pinion to the gear more, which i normally would leave a hair between them. But with this helicopter, it seems to work out better having a tight meshed pinion. The gear does not seem to slip out of mesh in a crash and strip as easily. I could be wrong but thats what I'm doing right now. Also after a strip it will still grip the remaining tiny bit of crevice that remains without slipping. After all this work, i can't just replace a gear after a few teeth are flattened a little.

Just cleaning up the looks of it some here and hopefully making the sheer pin LESS durable. Man was it ugly. Not much better this time but the balance is better and this gear does not wobble much at all. Because i was more controlling on how i placed the epoxy. I tried to pack it in tight while keeping it even and smooth as possible for aesthetics. Then i just colored it in with a sharpie.. No mess and its indelible, so it should not fade much. Just so i don't have to notice it so much when i change the batteries

This time, i wanted to avoid having to bend my sheer pins to hold them in. I made sure to keep the pins inside the epoxy while making the gear. This way they are held snug by the epoxy after final installation. Just to be safe, I used a dab of CA on the ends to hold it from flying out or moving. Plus, anyone that has worked with metal stock or pipes before knows. By bending a shaft in 2 opposite sides, it's like shortening the pin. Physically making the center stronger! This is actually what we don't want in this case. We want the full length of our sheer pin to be mostly straight so that it can bend and break more easily. With such an already short piece of material, I'm sure this will help the pin inside the shaft bend or sheer in a crash more easily having the added length supported by the epoxy so it cannot move. Hopefully saving the main gear from stripping or breaking. I'm actually considering using a carbon fiber pin next if this does not work out. As it is strong under a direct load, but torquing it will sheer very easily. This could save money and time on replacement gears if it does not get all stuck inside and can be removed easily still. Just crash, replace the pin, and crash again! lol. Maybe next time on the CF pin. For now here is the pictures:
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